When you begin playing Bakery Story, you will have two appliances: an Oven and a Drink Mixer, but there are many other appliances for you to purchase, each with their own unique recipes.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to purchase additional appliances, generally one every five levels, with your final, eighteenth appliance slot opening at level 73.

You can also open additional appliance slots at any time by paying 49 gems. Each time you buy another slot, you raise your total number of available appliances. For example, if you buy one extra slot, when you reach level 73 and unlock your final slot, you will be able to use a total of 19 appliances at a time.

Some appliances can be purchased in various colors or need to be constructed before you can usfdse them.


Here is the full list of appliance types from the game.

Current Appliances

Old Appliances, removed and not purchasable


Appliance Perks

Special Ovens and Drink Mixers can be purchased. They include:

  • Easy - The Easy Oven does not require you to tap the screen to prepare the recipe.
  • Sonic - These machines, which cost 42 gems, cook the recipe 20% faster than other machines.
  • Forever - Available for 42 gems, these machines will keep any food made on them from ever spoiling.

Constructable Appliances

Most appliances, except the normal Oven, Drink Mixer and the sonic and forever versions of those, require you to purchase the machine for a number of coins and then construct it before you are able to use the machine. Each machine requires a number of parts, which you can either request from your neighbors or purchase for two gems per piece.