Oven-Apple Pie
Apple Pie is a pie that you can cook on a Oven.


You unlock this recipe at level 37. To make it, you will need 2,620 coins. One batch makes 2,625 servings. It takes 12 hours to make one batch. Each batch rewards you with 149 experience. You will receive 4 coins per plate or 10,500 coins when you have sold the entire batch. Your profit on this recipe will be 7,880 coins.


Apple Pie has a simple appearance. The pie itself is an orange-brown color with a spiked edging and is placed on a metal stand.


Oven-Apple Pie plate
A slice of Apple Pie is always triangular. There is an orange-brown colored layer of bread crumbs covering the sweet, juicy apple filling. The pie is decorated with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and two, freshly-cut apple slices.
Bakery Oven ApplePie