Oven-Angel Food Cake
Angel Food Cake is a cake that you can cook on a Oven.


You unlock this recipe at level 17. To make it, you will need 1,090 coins. One batch makes 875 servings. It takes 2 hours to make one batch. Each batch rewards you with 34 experience. You will receive 4 coins per plate or 3,500 coins when you have sold the entire batch. Your profit on this recipe will be 2,410 coins.


Angel Food Cake is a circle-shaped sponge-cake. The cake has whipped cream as the 'icing' and is decorated with a circle of raspberries.


Oven-Angel Food Cake plate
A slice of Angel Food Cake is always triangular. The cake seems to be rich, moist cream, with a thin layer of sponge cake. On the top of the cake is a blob of cream, topped with three raspberries. The Angel Food Cake is place on a square-shaped plate. The plate is decorated with another blob of cream, three raspberries and a fresh, mint sprig.
Bakery Oven AngelFoodCake